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Answers To Some Of The Most Common Questions We Get Asked

Please note the following is provided for information only, and all repairs should be carried out by a qualified engineer.

Our main business area covers Edinburgh and Midlothian, providing repairs and installations for a wide range of customers, including several major letting agents and Landlords.

Cookers & Ovens

The oven fan and light are on but there is no heat.
Fan element failure is a very common problem, but there may be other reasons why the oven will not heat up, if in doubt call an engineer.

My oven will not work
​One of the most common faults is likely to be that the timer is set on automatic, the timer will need to be reset.


My dishwasher is full of suds and foam.
Have you used normal washing up liquid? If so it will create a large amount of foam. Leave it for 24 hours then run the rinse cycle a few times, this should clear it.

​The filter in my dishwasher is broken, can I still use it?
No! The filter protects the pumps and heater from being damaged or blocked, you need to get a new filter.

Washing Machines

Why is my washing machine full of water even though the cycle has finished?
Something is stopping/blocking it from draining. If your washing machine has a filter (not all manufacturers fit them) check for fluff or gunge and clean it out. If you are unsure, check the user manual or call out an engineer.

Why does my new washing machine take longer than my old one to wash?
Modern machines use less water to be more environmentally friendly, resulting in a longer wash cycles to improve washing performance.

Fridges & Freezers

My fridge is leaking from the inside.
​If your fridge is the type that has no ice box in the main section, the hole at the rear of the fridge used for the automatic defrost is more than likely blocked, you will need to unblock it.


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